about ME

MHTC is a producer, mixer, and multi Instrumentalist from Charlotte, NC.


Think about music for a minute. Think about all the reasons you love it. I'm sure the first things you may think about are the lyrics, or the melodies, or the rhythm, or just the general aesthetic of the whole sound. I love music for all of these different reasons individually. Sometimes I love music solely because the lyrics are incredible and hit me in a specific heart place. Sometimes I love dance music where the lyrical content may be somewhat shallow, but the music and rhythms just make me happy. That is what is beautiful about music. It can scratch so many itches for different people in different ways. My job as a producer is to work with

artists from start to finish on crafting their sound. Taking the ideas of what they are trying to do and fully bringing that sound to the forefront. I've been a multi instrumentalist and songwriter for 12 years, so I am able to lend that knowledge of sound and production to every artist I work with. My entire goal is to make a song that has a feeling. Something that represents the artist and helps them connect their sound to a larger audience. Music has the power to change people's minds, and most artists just need that outside voice to help craft and polish their sound to truly pull the best from what they are trying to do.